Ken Ross is an independent commercial and editorial photographer based in Scottsdale, Arizona, who specializes in: headshots, events, weddings, and corporate photography. Educated in the U.S. and Switzerland, Ross began his photography career while residing in Sydney, Australia in 1985. His work has taken him to 95 countries. He also recently returned from his 5th exhibit in Japan and has begun planning his next show in Argentina planned for 2018. His photographs have also appeared in several books published in the U.S. & Europe, including his own book project, “Real Taste of Life,” His work has been exhibited in: Scottsdale/Phoenix, Dallas, New York, Taos, Canada, Mexico, and Japan.

Actress Reese Witherspoon
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Ken Ross Photography has been in business more than thirty years. He is currently photographing Phoenix and Scottsdale markets for headshot, corporate, and events including weddings.

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